Hive mind! What’s the 8th Way to Think Like a 21st Century Economist?

Back in January, Rethinking Economics and Doughnut Economics launched a competition asking: What’s the 8th way to think like a 21st century economist? We got over 250 responses and our fantastic judges selected their favourites, from school students, university students, and everyone else.

Now we are thrilled to turn from competition to collaboration, with this brilliant visualisation of all the entries. Follow the link below and dive in…

Every green bubble is someone’s idea (we’ve included all entries that we were given permission to publish – thanks everyone for being so willing to share), and the blue bubbles are the big themes that connect them all together: the bigger the bubble, the more ideas are linked to it.

The result is a wonderful hive-mind insight into what many people clearly think economics needs to rethink for the 21st century.

  • Click on a green bubble and you’ll see the idea’s author(s) and summary, plus a link to the complete submission, be it text, video, audio, slideshow.
  • Click on a blue bubble and you’ll see all of the submissions that are linked to that theme.

Huge thanks to Hugo Araujo and our friends at for devising this brilliant software and for helping us to create our 8th Way visualisation.

We hope you enjoy exploring it. Search for your own submission (with the search box), see who else is thinking along those lines, or who is thinking differently, or synergistically. Who knows, it could lead to some real collaboration…

Just to top things off, we also made this (appropriately shaped) word cloud of all the keywords featured in the short summaries that people submitted alongside their entries. Follow the link to zoom in…

We want to end with a huge thank you to everyone who has participated in bringing the 8th Way to Think Competition to life!

First, thanks to everyone who submitted an idea (over 250 in total!) and so contributed to the ecosystem of rethinking that is so very needed. Here’s to the power of ideas and collaboration! Look what we all created together…

Huge thanks to our fantastic team of judges for their timely insights and valuable feedback on their favourite submissions.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful team of artisans – Teresa Ruiz, Maite Blanco and Jose Martinez – who handcrafted our fabulously unique crocheted doughnut trophies in Tudela, Spain.

Teresa, Jose and Maite – the Doughnut Trophy Makers!

A huge thanks of gratitude to Hugo Araujo and the team at 7Vortex for the beautiful ecosystem of ideas – working with you has been a great example of collaboration in practice!

And a very big thank you indeed to the team behind the scenes – Ali Al-Jamri, Hannah Dewhirst and Cameron Fay at Rethinking Economics, everyone who contributed to the design of the competition at the Rethinking Economics Summer Gathering 2018, and Dana Pop, Hallina Popko and Carlota Sanz at Doughnut Economics Action Lab for their tireless team-work in making this competition and collaboration such a success.

So, who’s up for doing it all again next year?!….

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