It’s competition time!

Have you got a brilliant idea for 21st century economics? Can you tell it short and sweet? If the answer is yes! yes! then this competition is just for you . . .

Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist proposes seven mindset shifts to make economics fit for addressing this century’s challenges. But many other shifts are needed too so, in order to explore them, I joined forces with Rethinking Economics – the international student movement for pluralism in economics education – to launch a competition based on this challenge:

We’ve got a totally stellar panel of judges – all economic re-thinkers themselves – who are ready to review your entries and select the very best as winners. And there are separate categories for school students, university students, and everyone else – so yes, your idea really does stand a chance of standing out. Check out the full competition details here and please help spread the message far and wide in your networks – with the hashtag #8thwaytothink – because we want to celebrate all the fantastic new economic thinking that is bubbling up. So get rethinking and good luck!

UPDATE, 28 May 2019: We received over 250 fabulous entries to the competition – thanks to everyone who entered, we are delighted by this response – and these entries are currently being reviewed by our team of judges. We will be announcing the results on social media (Twitter, Facebook) and here on Kate’s blog:

School entries: Tuesday 4th June

Universities entries: Wednesday 5th June

Everyone else entries: Thursday 6th June

A surprise prize for everyone! Friday 7th June

So keep your eyes open! The trophies are ready and waiting…

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