Spring. Renewal. Bring on Regenerative Economics.

Easter Sunday. It’s Spring, time for renewal, rebirth. There couldn’t be a better day in the year for launching the latest fabulous one-minute animation of Doughnut Economics – because this one is about regenerative economic design.

For over 200 years, industry has been based on degenerative design: we take Earth’s materials, make them into stuff we want, use it for a while, then throw it away. It’s a one-way system that runs against Earth’s cyclical processes of life. And it is destroying the planet’s living systems on which we fundamentally depend.

Contrary to the promises of late-20th century economic theory, economic growth won’t simply clean up the mess it makes. Which is why we have to make our economies regenerative by design, so that they use Earth’s materials again and again. Figuring out how to do so is one of the greatest design challenges for 21st century architects, industrialists, entrepreneurs, financiers, citizens and states to take on.

Here’s the story in just a minute, animated by the brilliant, BAFTA-winning animator Ainslie Henderson. I discovered his work while browsing on line and so quickly beat a path to his digital door, begging him to work with me to tell the story of new economics. I’m so delighted that he was up for the challenge because I think the resulting video is deeply inspired and inspiring – I hope you agree.

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