Don’t let the Anthropocene become the Manthropocene.

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Have we have entered the Anthropocene – the planetary era that is dominated by the environmental impacts of human activity?

Ironically, the scientists deciding this important question seem to have overlooked the fact that their own deliberations are dominated by white Northern male opinion.

The Anthropocene is at risk of becoming the Manthropocene (and – come to mention it – the Northropocene, too).

What’s wrong with that? Read my full article on The Guardian’s Comment Is Free site.

One thought on “Don’t let the Anthropocene become the Manthropocene.

  1. 23 October 2014 at 13:20

    jeremy Huntington Beach,CA 3 days ago wrote at DOT EARTH blog and i agree with him 100 percent too DAN BLOOM in TAIWAN RE

    ”This might sound sexist in itself, but the women I talk to seem to have a natural inclination to protect the planet and it’s creatures, independent of the politics of that, and I truly think that the sciences being dominated by men has had severe repercussions because of this uncaring attitude that has dominated the discussion. As in sales, it is not generally cold, hard logic that motivates people to move. Rather, it is the impassned voices of those who truly care and feel a deep connection to this planet. More women, please. Our lives may depend on it…” said JEREMY IN CALIFORNIA and dan bloom seconds the POV

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