Why it’s time for Doughnut Economics: from TEDx Athens

Want to help rewrite economics? Then here’s the guerrilla campaign for you – set out in my newly posted TEDx Athens talk on Why it’s time for Doughnut Economics.

There’s one diagram at the heart of economic teaching and thinking which gets embedded in the back of the head of every economics student and sets economic policymaking off on the wrong foot. It’s ripe for updating.

It’s also time we realised that ours is the era of the planetary household – and we need an economic mindset equipped for taking on its challenges. And that’s why it’s time for Doughnut Economics, which puts human rights and ecological integrity at the heart of a 21st century vision of economic development.

In November I talked about these ideas at TEDx Athens, and gave a crash course in economics with a twist – showing in three minutes what they never tell you in three years of a degree. Check it out, and let me know what else needs to be changed in that diagram….

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