Selected journalism

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 22.07.11 Living within the doughnut’s layers
The Wired World in 2014. (pp.122-123)
guardian The Doughnut can help Rio+20 see sustainable development in the round
The Guardian Poverty Matters Blog, June 2012.
RSAjournal Doughnut economics
RSA Journal, Winter 2012.
resurgence Living within the doughnut
Resurgence, July/August 2012.
natureCC Living in the doughnut: interview
Nature Climate Change, Vol. 2 no. 4 April 2012.

Academic articles

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 22.10.14 Safe and just operating spaces for regional socio-ecological systems
with J. Dearing et al, Global Environmental Change, Volume 28, September 2014 (227-238).
WSSR Between social and planetary boundaries: navigating pathways in the safe and just space for humanity
with M. Leach and J. Rockstrom, World Social Science Report 2013.
Frontiers Mimicking ‘lean’ in global value chains: it’s the workers who get leaned on
with T. Kidder, in Frontiers of Commodity Chain Research (ed. J. Bair), Yale University Press, 2009.
ERD Supermarket squeeze: how fresh produce supply chain management is undermining workers’ rights
The European Retail Digest, Issue 42, 2004.
GandD Good jobs and hidden costs: women workers documenting the costs of precarious employment
with T. Kidder, Gender and Development, Vol. 12 Issue 2, 2004.
JEIA Access to Medicines and the Rhetoric of Responsibility
with C. Barry, Journal of Ethics and International Affairs, Volume 16, no. 2, 2002.
JEIA Measuring Human Rights
Journal of Ethics of International Affairs, Volume 15 no. 1, 2001.

Oxfam reports

leftbehindG20 Left behind by the G20? How inequality and environmental degradation threaten to exclude poor people from the benefits of economic growth
with R. Gower and C. Pearce, Oxfam International Briefing Paper, 2012.
SJS4H A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: can we live within the doughnut?
Oxfam International Discussion Paper, 2012.
climateshame Climate Shame: get back to the table
Oxfam International Briefing Note, 2009.
CWHR Climate Wrongs and Human Rights 
Oxfam International Briefing Paper, 2008.
copingCC Coping with climate change: what works for women?
Oxfam Research Report, 2008.
adaptingCC Adapting to climate change: what’s needed in poor countries and who should pay
Oxfam International Briefing Paper, 2007.
TAOR Trading away our rights: women working in global supply chains
Oxfam International Campaign Report, 2004.
sugar The great EU sugar scam
Oxfam International Briefing Paper, 2002.

Chapters in books and reports

SOTWR Defining a safe and just space for humanity
in Is Sustainability still possible? State of the World 2013, The Worldwatch Institute, 2013.
ReadingsHD The Human Development Index as a policy tool: the potential for stimulating public action
with S. Fukuda-Parr and S. Shivakumar, in Readings in Human Development (ed. Fukuda-Parr). Oxford University Press, 2003.
ReadingsHD Academic Critiques of the Human Development Index
with D. Stewart, in Readings in Human Development (ed. Fukuda-Parr). Oxford University Press, 2003.
HDR01 Global Initiatives to Create Technologies for Human Development
Chapter 5 in UNDP’s Human Development Report 2001.
HDR00 Using indicators for human rights accountability
Chapter 2 in UNDP’s Human Development Report 2000.
HDR99 New technologies and the global race for knowledge
Chapter 2 in UNDP’s Human Development Report 1999.