Upcoming Events


Past Events

    April 6-8, 2020: Schumacher College, Virtually
   February 26, 2020: We Make Tomorrow Summit, Royal Geographical Society, London
   November 7th, 2019: Kurt Rothschild Award 2019 , Vienna, Austria
   October 29th, 2019: New Economics & Long-term Thinking: A Masterclass with Kate Raworth promoted by Franklin University Switzerland. Lugano, Switzerland
   October 10: Ecocity World Summit 2019, Vancouver, Canada – remotely only
   October 01: Creating the Future 2019, London
   September 16-19: The 2019-20 Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity , LSE, London
   July 20: Hawkwood’s Seed Festival, Hawkwood, Gloucestershire
   July 01-11, Book Tour, Brazil
   June 28: In the doughnut! Rethinking business, Munich – remotely
   June 24, Girls Econ London Conference 2019, City of London School for Girls, London
   June 19-20: WeMakeThe.City, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, The Netherlands
   June 17-18: 6th International Reporting 3.0 Conference 2019, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
   June 13: 30th Anniversary of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, London
   June 13: Impact of Inclusive Growth at a Global Level, Conference on the Future of Inclusive Economies, UK Parliament – Westminster
   June 13: How can we build a Collaborative Society?, Collaborate CIC’s Summer 2019 Event, London
   June 10: The Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, Cognition X, London
   June 10: Circular Economy Week Launch, London
   May 20: The TED Interview Podcast, Kindred, London
   May 13: Auckland Writters Festival, Auckland, New Zealand
   May 9-10: Just Transition Summit, New Plymouth, New Zealand
   May 8: Transforming Our Economy: A Leadership Role for New Zealand, The Beehive & Parliament Buildings, New Zealand
   May 02: Innovation and the Welfare State: IIPP public lecture series 2019, British Library, London
   April 30: Doughnut Economics – the sweet spot for humanity!, Rebel Book Club, London
   April 22: The 2019 We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference, Stockholm, Online
   April 11: Rewriting the Rules for an Economic System that Serves All, Said Business School, Oxford
   April 09: GA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019, University of Manchester, Public Lecture: Can we live within the Doughnut?
   March 28: Chubb’s Beneluc Risk Forum, Brussels, The Netherlands
   March 20: Can green growth solve climate change?, ODI, London
   March 20: Econ 101: a threat to biodiversity, Worcester College, Oxford
   March 18, UN Country Team Leadership courses, virtual attendance
   March 13, Royal Society, London
   March 11, London Interdisciplinary School
    March 06: Fit for purpose? Reworking the 21st century global economy, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford
   February 15: Prikkel 2019, Bokrijk, Belgium
   February 07-08: Beyond next shifting minds, the Circularity festival, Amsterdam
   February 05: Let’s Make the City Doughnut!, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
   February 04: Econome Kate Raworth gives lecture at Groevenbeek, Groevenbeek, Ermelo
   January 28-30: Changing the Frame 2019 – The Science and Art of Communicating for Transition, Schumacher College, Devon
   December 10: CEMUS – The Global Economy, Skype Lecture
   December 6: World Trade Symposium 2018, The Future of Trade is Open, London
   December 5: REFRAMING THE EU II, Brussels
   December 5: Enseignement de l’économie, obstacle à la transition écologique?, Brussels
   November 28: Rencontre avec Kate Raworth, hosted by Éditions Plon, Paris
   November 28: Doughnut Economics: The Business of Business in the 21st Century, The Family, Paris
   November 27: Speech and the City, Carina De Geest, Antwerp Management School, Belgium
   November 25: ECOPOLIS 2018 – JUST TRANSITION, Brussels, Belgium
   November 15: 4th Growth in Transition Conference, “Europe`s Transformation: Where People Matter” , Vienna, Austria
   November 9: Kate at Stockholm Resilience Centre , Stockhom University
   November 7: ‘Jørgen Steen Nielsen in conversation with Kate Raworth’ at Copenhagen University , Copenhagen
   November 01: Government After Neoliberalism, Oxford, All Souls College – Free Event
   November 01: DFID ‘Big questions and future directions in global development’, Bristol
   October 23: ‘Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO)’ at the Said Business School, Oxford – Free Event
   October 19: ‘Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking and Practice’ at the LSE, London – Register for Free
   October 5: Indy Johar and Kate Raworth in conversation 2018, Royal Academy of the Arts, London
   September 25: World Social Science Forum – Existential Risks, Fukuoka, Japan
   September 26: Asahi World Forum 2018, Tokyo, Japan
   September 27: Seoul Mediacity Biennale
Seoul Museum of Art – SeMA
, Seoul, Korea
   September 29: World Science Forum – Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures, Fukuoka, Japan
   September 7: Metis at The Barbican, London
   August 25: Greenbelt Festival, Kettering, Northamptonshire
 August 1: Environmental Defence Society, New Zealand (by skype)
   July 12: Fab City Summit, Transformation towards a more sustainable and accessible future, Paris
 July 4: Prospect – is it time for a new economics? London
   July 6: Future Fest, London
   June 28-July 1: The CAREconomy Collective Meet-up, Caux, Switzerland
   June 26: Designing Doughnuts: Economics for Art School with Kate Raworth & John Thakara, Royal College of Art – London
   June 19: Social Entrepreneurship Festival 2018, Utrecht
   June 19: Creating a 21st century economy, Stadsschouwburg, Nijmegen
   June 19: De Balie – Creating a 21st-century economy, Amsterdam
   June 20: The School of Life – Master Class – The Limits to Growth, Amsterdam
   June 20: We Make the City, Amsterdam
   June 18: Inspiration meeting ‘the Donut Economy’, The Hague
   June 18: Dutch Parliament, The Hague
   June 18: Doughnut Economics, Assen
   June 15: Folkemodet Political Festival, Bornholm, Denmark
   June 1: Under Her Eye, British Library, London
 May 18: Swindon Festival of Literature, Swindon
   May 21: HELSUS, Helsinki
   May 21: Terra Cognita, Helsinki
   May 23: SIWI, Stockholm
   May 23: Redesign for a sustainable development beyond GDP, Stockholm
   May 24: House of Culture, Stockholm
   May 28: Hay Festival, Hay on Wye
   April 22-24: Book launch in Austria 


April 22: ORF Dialogforum, Vienna

April 23: University of Business, Vienna

April 23: Workshop @BOKU, Vienna

April 23: Talk @BOKU, Vienna

April 24: Climate Change Conference Austria, Salzburg

   April 24-28: Book launch in Germany 


April 24: Heidelberg Centre for American Studies, Heidelberg

April 25: Oikos Köln, Cologne

April 25: Plurale Ökonomik, Bochum

April 26: University of Applied Sciences, Hannover

April 26: Kritische Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Göttingen

April 27: Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin

   May 2: Oxford Martin School, Does Our Planet Have Boundaries?  With Professor Yadvinder Malhi, Oxford.
   May 14 STEPS Centre Annual Lecture, Sussex
   March 10: Words by the Water, Keswick, Lake District
   March 13: Fixing the Future, Barcelona
   March 26-28: Changing the Frame at Schumacher College, Totnes
   April 6-14: TED, Vancouver
 March 6: Arbeid & Milieu and ETUI, lunchtime discussion with Ian Gough, Brussels
   March 7: INDR 10 year anniversary event, Luxembourg
   January 8: Heroes and Friends and The Tipping Point. In conversation with Willem Ferwerda, Amsterdam (tickets)
   January 8: Pakhuis de Zwijger, panel discussion with Marleen Stikker, Lex Hoogduin and Ewald Engelen, Amsterdam (tickets)
   January 9: Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Hague, with Focco Vijselaar
   January 9: Provinciehuis, the Hague
   January 9: de Dependance, Rotterdam (tickets)
   January 10: Waag Society, Amsterdam
   January 10: Tilburg University, debate with students and professors (tickets)
   January 11: Triodos Bank, Zeist
   January 11: CAMPO Nieuwpoort, Ghent, Belgium (tickets)
   January 18: Imagine 2027, Cambridge (free tickets)
   January 22-26: World Economic Forum, Davos
 November 15: Disruptive Innovation Festival, Isle of Wight (livestream)
 November 16: Meaning Festival, Brighton (tickets)
   November 21: Ecological Design, Schumacher College
   November 23: London School of Economics, London (sign up)
   November 27: Centre for Sustainable Development, Uppsala, by skype
   December 5: London Young Labour(free tickets)
   December 6: Leeds University(register)
 September 26: SOAS Open Economics Forum, London
 September 30: Rethinking Economics, Norway, by skype
   October 2: Pontus Schultz Foundation, Stockholm
 October 4: Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm
 October 8: ECOPOLIS, Brussels (tickets)
 October 9: University of Leuven, Brussels
 October 9: Guardian Live with George Monbiot, London (tickets)
   October 11: Big Ideas Lecture, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford
 October 15: Thinking on Sunday, Conway Hall, London (tickets)
 October 16: Blackwells Bookshop, Oxford (tickets)
 October 17: in conversation with Yanis Varoufakis on his new book, London (tickets)
 October 20: (tbc) Festival of New Economic Thinking, Edinburgh (tickets)
   October 28: Brainwash Festival, Amsterdam (tickets)
   November 10-11: Kilkenomics, Kilkenny, Ireland (tickets)
   September 10: Festivaletteratura, Mantova (tickets)
   September 12: Aurelio Peccei Annual Lecture, Rome
   September 12: Joint Planning Law Conference, Oxford (website)
 June 13: Medact, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
  June 20: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Isle of Wight
   June 25: Oxford Green Week, 6-7.30pm (tickets)
   June 27-29: World Economic Forum New Champions, Dalian China.
   July 2: Also Festival (tickets)
   July 5: Economics Teacher National Conference
   July 6: What if Women Ruled the World – Yael Bartana world premiere (tickets)
   July 7: Bradford Literature Festival (programme)
   July 9: Ways With Words Dartington Festival (tickets)
   June 7: National Forum on the Circular Economy, Bologna, Italy (tickets)
   May 28: Hay Festival with Juliet Davenport, (tickets)
   May 29: Hay Festival, main talk (tickets)
  May 7: Jamaica Plain Forum, Boston, 7-9pm (register)
  May 8: New Economy Coalition, 12-1.30pm, Boston
  May 8: Tellus Institute, 4-5pm, Boston
  May 9: Centre for Global Development, 12.30-2pm, Washington DC
  May 10: The Democracy Collaborative, 12-2pm, Washington DC
  May 10: BusBoys & Poets, 6-8pm, Washington DC (RSVP)
  May 11: The World Bank, 11-12.30pm, 1818 H St, Rm MC2-817, Washington DC
  May 12: Oxfam and World Resources Institute, 12-2pm, Washington DC
  May 15-17: Regenerative Future Summit, Boulder Colorado (tickets)
   May 19: CONCITO, 8.30-11am, KLUB Linnesgade 25, Copenhagen (register at so.concito.dk)
   May 23: Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol (tickets)
  April 24-25: Planetary Boundaries Conference, Berlin
  May 1: UNDP, 12.30-2pm, at HDRO, 304 E. 45th Street, 12th Floor. To attend please RSVP botagoz.abdreyeva@undp.org
  May 1: New School, New York, 6-8pm, register
  April 18: Now Sustainable Future Festival, Como, Italy
  April 19: Bocconi University of Economics, Milan
  April 19: Salone del Libro, Turin
  April 22: Cambridge Literary Festival (tickets)
  April 11: New Economics Foundation, London
  April 4: The Social Economy Alliance at Marmalade, Oxford (register)
  March 27-28: UN PAGE Green Economy Conference, Berlin.
  March 19: Post-Crash Economics Society Conference, Manchester
March 16: Royal Society of the Arts, London, 1-2pm
  March 16: Salon London, The Hospital Club, Covent Garden
 Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 19.46.37 Medact Conference
London, 9 December 2016. Opening plenary with Kevin Anderson.
 Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 22.30.58 Centre for Environment and Development Studies
Uppsala, 5 December 2016. Guest lecture by video on Doughnut Economics with this student-led centre at Uppsala University.
 cambridge Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Cambridge, 14 November 2016, Presenting ‘The safe and just operating space for humanity’ and exploring the implications for transforming business.
 schumacher Schumacher College
19-20 October 2016, Dartington. ‘What is economics?’ Two-day seminar for the MA in Economics for Transition.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 15.14.37 UCL Institute for Global Prosperity
3 October 2016. Opening lecture for UCL’s new MSc in Global Prosperity.
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 19.32.26 Resurgence 50th Anniversary
Oxford, 23 September 2016. In conversation with Satish Kumar and Cherian Matthews on One Earth, One Humanity, One Future. 7-9pm Worcester College.
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 23.04.37 Anglia Ruskin University
Cambridge, 22 September 2016. Video lecture for the MSc Sustainability course.
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 19.15.08 Reclaim Economics
Vienna, 9-11 September 2016. Reclaim Economics workshop with student activists, organised by the Club of Rome.
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 23.27.12 Tipping Point 2016
Warwick, 17-19 June 2016. ‘Doing nothing is not an option. Scientists, economists and artists collaborate to tell the stories of climate change.
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 22.56.44 UKSSD Conference 
London, 25 April 2016. Panel discussion: ‘Towards a sustainable UK’.
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 14.51.24 Free Word Centre 
London, 16 March 2016. ‘Is there an alternative to the growth imperative?’ Co-hosted by Rethinking Economics. Watch the full video or the summary
 Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 08.48.12 Architectural Association 
London, 1 February 2016. ‘Can we design our way into the Doughnut?’ Guest lecture for the Landscape Urbanism programme
Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 08.47.25 Earth’s Safe Operating Space for Humanity: from concept to action
Stockholm Symposium, 18 January 2016. ‘A social justice perspective on planetary boundaries’.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 22.30.58 Centre for Environment and Development Studies
Uppsala, 7 December 2015, by skype. Guest lecture on Doughnut Economics
rsa RSA Maker Summit
2 December 2015, London and online.’Forging an economy fit for the future’ Panel discussion with Tim Jackson and Vinay Gupta. Video of session starts at 47 mins
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 14.50.56 Imperial College
1 December 2015, London.’A Circular Economy won’t work unless…’ Discussion with Ken Webster of the Ellen McArthur Foundation.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 22.31.30 Bristol Festival of Ideas
12 November 2015, Bristol.’The No-Growth Economy: is it the only way to save the planet?’ Panel debate with Cameron Hepburn, Katherine Drayson and Alex Bowen.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 22.32.25 Disruptive Innovation Festival 2015
4 November 2015, online.’Is the Pro-Society Economy Possible?’ With John Fullerton. Video available until 20 December 2015.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 22.43.39 Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities MOOC
22 October 2015, online. Virtual discussion of planetary and social boundaries.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 22.30.19 Bristol New Economy Summit 2015
12-13 October 2015, Bristol. Why do we need a new economy? A great line up of economic rethinkers.
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 21.49.26 European Society for Ecological Economics Conference 2015 2 July 2015, Leeds. ‘Sustaining Development’ presentation and discussion.
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 17.48.25 This Changes Everything, 28 March 2015, London. A day of outspoken debate on democracy, equality and survival. I’ll be discussing the need for new visions for the future.
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 17.26.39 Oxford Literary Festival 22 March 2015, Oxford. ‘Nature and Language: how language influences our relationship with the natural world.’ Chairing a panel discussion with some wonderful writers: Caspar Henderson, Melanie Challenger, Dominick Tyler.
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 17.26.15 Green Party Spring Conference  7 March 2015, Liverpool. ‘Building a Green Economy panel and discussion, with Molly Scott Cato MEP, Rupert Read and Nick Dearden.
Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 17.41.24 Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism 25 November 2014, Cambridge. ‘Ecological Economics: taking planetary boundaries seriously’ A panel discussion with Robert and Edward Skidelsky.
TEDx Athens TEDx Athens 2014 15 November 2014, Athens. Why it’s time for Doughnut Economics.
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 23.09.14 Disruptive Innovation Festival 6 November 2014, online, 12noon. ‘Does the circular economy fit in the Doughnut?’ A great initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Login details to come.
schumacher Schumacher College 15-16 October 2014, Dartington. ‘Beyond growth? Exploring the future of economic development’. Two-day seminar for the MA in Economics for Transition.
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 23.16.59 Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University 14 October 2014, Oxford. ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ Opening lecture in the Human Systems and Environmental Change module of the MSc in Environmental Change and Management
nef new economics foundation (nef) 30 September 2014, London. ‘Doughnut Economics: what’s in the toolkit?’
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 23.04.37 Anglia Ruskin University 25 September 2014, Cambridge. ‘An introduction to social and planetary boundaries’ for the MSc in Sustainability
Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.16.23 Balaton Group 2014 Meeting 12 September 2014, Hungary (by video). ‘Will these SDGs bring us into the Doughnut?’
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 16.42.35 5 x 15 Stories 30 June 2014, London. ‘Capitalism and its Discontents’ Five speakers, 15 mins each – with George Monbiot, Jack Munroe, Danny Dorling, and Tim Jackson. See the video.
rethinkingecon Rethinking Economics Conference 2014 28-29 June 2014, London. ‘Introduction to Ecological Economics: taking planetary boundaries seriously’ (29 June) Recommended reading
new college humanities New College of the Humanities 3 June 2014, London. ‘Can we live within the doughnut? The 21st century challenge’.
KTH Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) 23 May 2014, Stockholm. Presenting “Can we live in the doughnut? Rethinking progress between planetary and social boundaries”, as part of the Beyond GDP Growth seminar.
SLU Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 22 May 2014, Uppsala. ‘Can we live within the doughnut?’ A seminar with the Future Agriculture research programme.
SRC logo Stockholm Resilience Centre 21 May 2014, Stockholm. Lunchtime talk: Doughnut Economics: rethinking economics in the face of planetary and social boundaries..
cambridge Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership 7 April 2014, Cambridge. Presenting ‘The safe and just operating space for humanity’ with Professor Will Steffen, and exploring the implications for transforming business.
Global Documentary Embrace The Change 27 March 2014, Southampton, 7-9pm. I’m kicking off a great line up for an interactive evening of debate on the kind of global economic future we want to see. Join us live online.
WWF WWF UK 5 March 2014, Woking. ‘Doughnuts and the future economy’. Presentation and discussion.
WiltonPark Wilton Park 24-26 February, 2014 Wilton Park. Presentation of research on policies for green and just economic transitions, conducted for IIED and CAFOD.
BrusselsPB International workshop on a Safe Operating Space 23-24 January, 2014 Brussels. Safe Operating Space: current state of debate and considerations for national policies. Hosted by the Network of European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC), CADS, the German Ministry for the Environment, and others.
UVienna Vienna University of Economics and Business 15 January 2014, Vienna. ‘Can we live within the doughnut? In search of a safe and just space for humanity’. Guest seminar with Sigrid Stagl.
USurrey University of Surrey 6-7 January 2014, Surrey. ‘Doughnut Economics’ and ‘The 21st century Economist’s Toolbox’. Two lectures for Tim Jackson’s Ecological Economics MSc module, in the Centre for Environmental Strategy
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.01.18 University of Oslo Sustainable Companies Project 6 December 2013, Oslo (by video). ‘What would it take to do business in the doughnut?’
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.09.17 Queen Mary University of London 4 December 2013, London. Global Health Week 2013. ‘Can we live in the safe and just space for humanity?’
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.19.51 Oxford Hub 27 November 2013, Oxford. ‘Is the Green Economy an Utopia?’ Panel discussion with Dr. Alex Otto and Peter Lacy.
Geneva_workshop Nordic Council of Ministers Planetary Boundaries Workshop 5 November 2013, Geneva. ‘Planetary boundaries and environmental tipping points: what do they mean for sustainable development and the global agenda?’ International workshop for scientists, governments and stakeholders.
cambridge Cambridge Business Sustainability Programme in Europe 4 November 2013, Brussels. Presenting ‘the safe and just operating space for humanity’ with Prof. Will Steffen and exploring the implications for transforming business.
UCL University College London (UCL) 1 November 2013, London. ‘What is the discipline of economics?’ Flip lecture and discussion with students on the innovative Arts and Sciences BASc degree.
schumacher Schumacher College / Transition Towns Totnes 9 October 2013, Dartington. Public talk and discussion on what we need to put in the toolkit for 21st century economics
PBI Planetary Boundaries Initiative Symposium 19-20 September 2013, London. Two day symposium on the role of law in respecting planetary boundaries.
picnic logo PICNIC / Urban Innovation Week 18 September 2013, Amsterdam. Redefining Growth – workshop with Ross Ashcroft and Paul Kemp-Robertsen.
earth overshoot logo Earth Overshoot Day 2013 at the EU Parliament 17 September 2013, Brussels. Globe EU high-level event on moving away from planetary boundaries, with EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, Prof. Kevin Noone, and Peter White of the WBCSD.
heinrich boll 100x100 Heinrich Böll Foundation Summit 12-13 September 2013, Berlin. Keynote speaker at the Heinrich Böll International Resource Summit, Resource Equity in a Finite World.
heinrich boll 100x100 Heinrich Böll Public Green Lecture 12 September 2013, Berlin. Public lecture on the challenge of living between planetary and social boundaries (with video).
rethinkingecon Rethinking Economics Conference 28-30 June 2013, London. Co-hosting a workshop with Miriam Kennet on reimagining the economy
saltzburg100x100 Salzburg Global Seminar 23-27 June 2013, Austria. ‘A climate for change: new thinking on governance for sustainability’. Speaker on ‘A safe and just space for humanity’
Tallburg Forum Tällberg Forum 13-15 June 2013, Sweden. Panel discussion ‘Are there new boundaries to set for decision-makers?’ with Erik Beinhocker, Johan Rockstrom and Rebecca Oliver.
steps centre 100x100 STEPS Centre Summer School 20 May 2013, Sussex, UK. Seminar and workshop debating the doughnut of social and planetary boundaries, and Authority in the Anthropocene.
GGGF Global Green Growth Forum 2 May 2013, Copenhagen. ‘Promoting greener growth through the value chain’. presentation as part of a panel discussion.
cambridge Cambridge Business Sustainability Programme 16 April 2013, Cambridge. ‘Great progress or grim prospects? – the human development challenge’. Presentation on the past 30 and next 30 years of human development.
chatham house Chatham House Green Growth Conference 25 February 2013, London. ‘Green growth: are you out there?’ Presentation questioning whether ‘green growth’ can be achieved at the scale required.
oxfordclimforum Oxford Climate Forum 26 January 2013, Oxford. Panel Chair, ‘Can developed and developing countries share a common notion of development?’.
Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.18.53 UN ESCAP Expert Dialogue on the Quality of Growth 14 November 2012, Bangkok (by video). A safe and just space for humanity.
wolffolins How to Grow at Wolff Olins 25 October 2012, London. How to grow better – by making your brand a doughnut brand.
rsa Doughnut Economics at the RSA 18 October 2012, London. Why the doughnut of social and planetary boundaries offers a powerful starting point for getting beyond GDP to rethinking the aims of economic development.
UNGA Special Panel Event at the UN General Assembly 16 October 2012, New York. Presentation at the UN’s first discussion of the Sustainable Development Goals – in the format of a panel discussion chaired by Andy Revkin of the New York Times.
rio20 Rio+20 Development Dialogue Days 16 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro. Panelist on Sustainable Development as an answer to economic and financial crises.
fair ideas IIED’s Fair Ideas Conference at Rio+20 16 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro. Presentation on the Better Lives Smaller Footprints panel.
PUP Planet Under Pressure 29 March 2012, London. Panel on Science-policy dialogue: planetary boundaries – dealing with challenges