Why degrowth has outgrown its own name

Here’s what troubles me about degrowth: I just can’t bring myself to use the word. And with the help of smoke bombs, elephants and lighthouses, I can explain why.

Check out the five reasons why I think degrowth needs a new name in my guest post on Duncan Green’s Poverty to Power blog.

Giorgos Kallis, one of the leading thinkers in the degrowth movement, will reply tomorrow. But since there are, no doubt, many views on this, it would be great to hear them – so please do leave a comment too.

You can read the full article here.

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2 thoughts on “Why degrowth has outgrown its own name

  1. John Marshall
    1 December 2015 at 11:05

    Thanks for this Kate. There’s nothing like having my thinking sharpened as I get older. A simpleton like me might prefer “We need an economy that works for all” but I’m still thinking about it!

  2. Antonio Tonin snr
    2 December 2015 at 04:21

    Dear Kate,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. When I first heard the word degrowth it sounded like another of these cyber words that only conveys meaning to a very select few cognoscenti in possibly a rarefied environment. However, the way you have so brilliantly described the Doughnut Economy makes it a very attractive humanly understandable concept to just about everybody on the planet. Therefore any word that can relate the idea of degrowth (reducing consumption) to everyone, needs to fit in with your thinking and that of Schumacher that we need Economics as if People Mattered (and also Understand). What you have done in the doughnut economy is making human compassionate sense of how the economy of the world needs to be restructured for the reasonable chance of survival of the human race. I’ve tried to think of describing degrowth as perhaps a biological, botanical or zoological process but there hasn’t come to mind anything acceptable. So I thought of inventing a word and I have called it “Humanetics” – the study of economics for a future peaceful world.
    I’m looking forward to your book!!

    Best regards