It’s Time for Economics to Get Animated!

Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist.

How would you explain 21st century economics in just a minute? I've had the privilege of working with some of the world's best stop-motion animators to bring new economic thinking to life on screen. Please feel free to show them in the classroom, in workshops, in public talks, and to share them widely on social media. And if you'd like to help translate them into as many languages as possible, join the team.

1. Change the Goal

From GDP to the Doughnut

2. Tell a New Story

From the neoliberal narrative to a story fit for our times

3. Nurture Human Nature

From rational economic man to social adaptable humans

4. Get Savvy with Systems

From mechanical equilibrium to dynamic complexity

5. Design to Distribute

From ‘growth will even it up again’ to distributive by design

6. Create to Regenerate

From 'growth will clean it up again' to regenerative by design

7. Be Agnostic about Growth

From growth addicted to growth agnostic

And now…It’s Time for Planetary Economics

Why it's time to think big about the economy

Behind the Scenes

Check out the fabulous and meticulous work of the animators who brought Doughnut Economics to life, frame by frame…

An economist, a songwriter and a puppet maker walked into a recording studio. What do you think came out? An economics puppet rap battle, of course. I had huge fun working with the brilliant duo of puppet designer Emma Powell, and songwriter Simon Panrucker to create a one-of-a-kind critique of rational economic man. We'd love to see this video used by students and teachers to bring classroom debate to life. To catch every detail, check out the full lyrics, or dive deeper by reading Chapter 3 of Doughnut Economics. But right now, sit back and enjoy: sing along, pass it on, and wave goodbye to rational economic man.

Economic Man vs. Humanity: a puppet rap battle

Behind the scenes: the making of the puppet rap battle